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Want to find out who offers the cheapest internet at your address? Trust Porovnejsito.cz. Thanks to our platform, you can easily compare offers from internet service providers and get not only the best internet at the best possible price but also a whole range of benefits.

The most advantageous tailored internet

The price of internet depends on the connection speed, chosen internet provider, and connection technology. Our comparator will present you with all the options and allow you to choose the most advantageous internet specifically for you. We compare all internet technologies for you, such as fiber optic, DSL, wireless Wi-Fi connection, WTTX, 5G internet, or even satellite internet.

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Internet for both homes and businesses

With Porovnejto.cz, you can find not only the best home internet but also ensure reliable customized internet connectivity for your business needs.

Take advantage of our benefits

We will introduce you to all available options and, if necessary, secure a better price or one of our advantages that we provide through long-term cooperation with selected partners. These advantages include free installation, free Wi-Fi router, discount on monthly fees, or up to 4 months of free service usage when switching from a competitor.

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Faster internet at a lower price

Those who compare, save. Here, you can measure the speed of your internet and find out if you can get faster internet at a lower price through our comparator. The monthly price for internet may vary in certain cities and municipalities (even in specific locations). These are areas where multiple providers with the same internet technology (usually fiber optic network) coexist and are, therefore, in selected cases compelled to offer their services at discounted prices.

We are happy to assist you with the transition from your current provider and ensure the ideal internet connection.

How to get the cheapest internet?

Fill in the form below and submit a non-binding request. We will find all the options available at your address, give you a call, and gladly advise you on selecting the most advantageous offer for internet, television, or tariffs. You don't pay anything for our services.

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